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Mary has moved the pictures into Our Pink Blessings, a Shutterfly site. You'll need to e-mail Mary for the password. Once you get in you can browse the photos freely, or sign in with your Shutterfly account to download or order prints of the photos.

We update the pictures of Beth as we get around to it. If we seem to be way behind (i.e. nothing new in the last couple of weeks) then drop me a line.

Working on more pictures. Rather than try to keep separate picture areas for the girls we've lumped them all into one place The old locations will stay up for a while.

2010-03-09 ~1200 CST
Everyone is home again. Pictures will appear (for now) at this page, but I plan to improve that method and integrate all of our pictures "soon".

2010-03-08 0501 CST / 1101 GMT
And here's number 2, our litle Sarah! The pictures will start rolling onto the website soon. She's 6lbs 9oz, 19.5 inches.

2008-05-24 1036 CDT
It is good to be home again. Thank you to all who have visited, called, and e-mailed us! If you are planning to visit please call Daniel's cell in advance. There are more pictures available, use the link below.

2008-05-22 0942 CDT / 1442 GMT
Sheeee's heeere!
6lbs, 19" both Mom and Beth are doing great! For the most current list of pictures, look here!

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